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Search engines offer information About the number of pages That they have stored from each Website, which allows comparison Between existing pages and Pages stored in the browser. Some main problems That can be detected are: Technologies not understood by Search engines access our Pages through browsers Own that are not able to execute Some orders. Thus, and In spite of the progress made Search engines, still have problems To access made content With Flash technology or Require the execution of I say java script. Unlined content or very Deep The search engines access the different Contents following links. If content is not Linked or you have to follow many Links to access it, search seo services meaning engines May have problems To access such content.

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A Yes Therefore, these contents must Contain the terms we want Position in the Document and an Appropriate number of times. Some recommendations to consider They are: Take into account the language of the user. Many times the terminology Of the user is different from the Used internally in the company institution. Generate content adapted to The different typologies seo services for small businesses of searches. It is complicated to optimize A page for many words, So it is recommended to use Different pages to capture traffic I come from different pages. Combine the content with the HTML tags appropriate for Give the document a hierarchy of Easily understandable content. Content Once the search engine has accessed and Indexed our contents, we Try to make them relevant to Certain searches.

WHAT DOES AN SEO MAKE? Including the terms that most We are interested in positioning in places Predominant. It refers to the number of Times that our website is linked, Such as the quality and type of Sites that link us. See section. Offsite techniques Another way to organize activities SEO is the division between techniques Offsite and onsite techniques. Techniques onsite Vs Techniques Offsite. Onsite techniques Are those improvements that are taken Out within the website itself. They refer, therefore, to aspects Which we fully control, How can they be Code optimizations, processes Server and generation editing Of the content within the website. Server Issues Inappropriate redirects, one Very slow response time or Fall of a server can originate Problems of indexation or loss Of indexed pages.

Here are some aspects Which deal with these techniques. Architecture and Usability: for Ensure correct indexing local seo services by Part of the search engine, find and Save in your database all pages; Are the aspects of index ability. Some examples: Have a map section Web to ensure easy access From the search engines to the different Sections of our page. Configure the sitemaps file, Which serves to provide the Search engines the list of pages That form our website. Generate a link structure Access to go here all the information of Our website. Check that technologies Used for the creation of accessible to search engines. Content Optimization for Ensure correct interpretation And classification of contents By the search engine aspects Semantic.

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Some examples: Style book: label titles And descriptions of each of The pages according to their content, Taking into account the words Key. Location of words key Density of keywords Analysis of trends and seasonality Of the contents. Analysis of opportunities; Contents Very in demand but with Little competition Aspects related to Infrastructure seo services meaning To ensure the configuration, Connectivity and Response of the server in function Of standards aspects of Optimization of infrastructure Some examples: Speed of response Robot. Text Redirects Geo location of GPS. Etc. Offsite techniques For positioning a site There are factors offsite, local VII. WHAT DOES AN SEO MAKE? Outside our website.

Make Reference to the Number of times our web Is linked, the type of sites in thematic And the terms included in Such links. Is known Like popularity of a site Web. The popularity depends therefore on: Number of links The greater the number of links Pointing to our site Web, the greater the popularity. It is desirable that the links Point to different sections of Our web and not only the home or start. This document is intended to Explain in a simple and Practical examples Named as SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Optimization Of search engines. In general terms, it is a question of Practices aimed at improving. The position of a web page in The natural results of search engines. For some terms of Search concrete.